"Você precisa de quê?"

Translation:You need what?

July 29, 2013

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"What do you need?" would be better translation.


That's what I put, and it accepted it.


i prefer duo's sample. =) break the rules!


I lived in Brazil for two years and people would often say: do que

What is the difference between do que e de quê?


"Você precisa de quê.?" And "você precisa do (de+o) quê? Are phrases with the same meaning. I have native português. Sorry my english is not so good yet.


Your english is good. Thanks for posting. Sua inglais e bom. Obrigado pelo post. Better than my Portuguese. Just to help the correct phrase in english would be more like " Portuguese is my native language."


Eu quero saber também


why is the article 'o' not included? as in "voce precisa de o que"


because "DE" is the contraction of preposition "DE" with the definite article "O". it is common in portugues. sorry about my english, I am a native language portuguese


Shouldn't the contraction between "de" and "o" be "do"??


I think it was a typo =)


I think so too but as I'm quite new to this beautiful language I preferred asking :-)


Why "Do you need what?" is wrong?


You can ask "You need what?" or "What do you need?" You can also say "Do you need (your choice of noun, e.g. water, the car, a map, etc.)?" You can even say "Do you need that (or this)?" But you can't say "Do you need what."
I hope this helps. I'm a native English speaker, so I don't know how to articulate all of the grammar rules. I didn't learn the rules, just the language the way it's spoken, written, etc.


I speak Spanish but study English to become a teacher. You cannot write "what" at the end because the word in this case stands as part of the question. "What" is originated at the end of the sentence as Direct Object of the regular verb "need" to comply with the verb pattern but it is then moved to front position to make a grammatical question leaving just a trace which means we can formulate the sentence "sb needs what" to prove the verb needs a Direct Object which is now at front position.


In grammatical terms, yes, that's correct. But in informal, everyday speaking, people absolutely ask, "You need what" especially when they're asking for clarification, like if he or she didn't hear you the first time.


Yes, of course but I wanted to account for the ungrammatical construction "Do you need what?" As you mentioned, in an informal context you would say "You need what" without the auxiliary "Do"


In speaking, grammar isn't important as long as you're understood and it gets the point across. I would much rather be grammatically incorrect and sound like a local than to be grammatically correct and sound like a foreigner.


Thank you very much., Mahankr. :)


I wrote "Do you need anything?" and it was not accepted. Is that because this is more of a follow-up question and not an offer to help? Like someone said they needed something and you respond "Voce precisa de que?" because you didnt hear what they needed?


Yes, I also wrote 'Do you need anything'. 'You need what' doesn't sound like an English sentence. Then I'd rather say 'What do you need'.


You would use "You need what?" if you needed clarification of what the other person said, for example if you didn't hear what the other person said they needed. In other situations, I'd agree with you though-you'd usually say "What do you need?"


would this be asked as an echo question, when you didn't hear what someone has said? Or even when you are surprised about what you heard?

A: I need ___. B: you need /what/?

Or is this just the nomal form to say: "What do you need?"


All of them...

"– Preciso de um @#$%... ('I need a @#$%...')"

"– Você precisa de quê? ('You need what?')"

"– Preciso de um ornitorrinco. ('I need a platypus.')"

"– Você precisa de quê?! ('You need what?!')"

"– Você precisa de quê? ('What do you need?')"

"– Preciso de água. ('I need water.')"


Can anyone explain to me why "que" sometimes has a circumflex and sometimes not? Maybe it's something obvious I'm just not seeing; maybe it's a typo.


You use "quê" when it comes at the end of a sentence: "De que você precisa?" vs. "Você precisa de quê?"


"Quê?! Percebo um quê de simplificação... Note que ainda há uns quês a aprender!" :-D


what is the 'de' for? whats its purpose?


If you imagine it translating as "You are in need of..." rather than "you need..." Same with "Gosto de"....I remember it as "fond of"


Is this "You need to what?"


No... precisar + de + verb = need + to + verb. Você precisa de quê? = Você precisa do quê?. You need for what? = você precisa para quê?


So one really can say "Você precisa do quê" (precisa de o quê)?


Yes. "Você precisa do quê?" is also right.


The female translator tends to say “que” as “qi”. Is this common? Because I don’t love how it sounds. Is the Spanish pronunciation, which sound almost like “k” acceptable as well?


what is the difference between plain "que" and "que" with a circumflex accent? When do you use each of them?


See Paulenrique's answer to Le-petit-loup


Is that normal speech or it's the rude version of the question?


So I see a lot of people understood using either "de" or "do". I, on the other hand, was messed up completely just thinking "voce precisa o que?" So how do you know when to use "de"?


How would you say "What do you need" Would it be

"O que você precisa" ?


How would this change if we wanted to move Que to the beginning of the sentence? "De queue voce precisa" ?


"De que você precisa?"


What do you need is a better translation! Seriosuly


Você precisa de quê?'' Eu coloquei 'Do you need what?, o que está errado?


What do you need? Não é "Do you need what?"


Why isn't "do you need that?" accepted? It seems like the translation would be the exact same!


The meaning is completely different. "Do you need that?" would rather be "Você precisa disso?".

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