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  5. "Man kan ikke undgå døden."

"Man kan ikke undgå døden."

Translation:One cannot avoid death.

January 16, 2015



I wrote 'One cannot avoid the death'. When I got it wrong I checked the hover hint and it also said 'the death'. Does someone know weather the translation or the hint is wrong?


"Death" doesn't really work this way in English, unless "the death" was code for a certain way of dying that was known within a group of people. I can't necessarily explain why but it sounds very unnatural to me, but I'll definitely add "death" to the hints


Okay, but say if you were playing a game that had a specific way of dying, how would you say 'One cannot avoid the death'?


It is wrong to write "can not" in stead of "cannot"? (I am a Danish speaker practicing my English by the way)


Abstract nouns depicting (human) life tend to take the definite article where in English they don't ("tilbage til naturen" = "back to nature", "komme i Himlen" = go to heaven) other examples my grammar book gives are "arbejdet" (work as a general concept), "krigen" (war, again, as a general concept) and "kærligheden" (love)


Valar Morghulis.

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