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  5. "She has a pink dress."

"She has a pink dress."

Translation:Hon har en rosa klänning.

January 16, 2015



Does rosa only have one form for both singular and plurar?


While you would use "röda" as a plural form of "red", "rosa" stays the same since it'd be odd to have "rosaa".


...and of course I wanted to spell klänning correctly and forgot that I put vit instead of rosa.


What's the difference between "rosa" and "skär"?


I think none, most people use rosa. My mum always say skär however, so to me they mean the same thing.


Is it wrong if I say "hon har en klanning rosa" instead of "rosa klanning"?


Yes, that word order is not possible in Swedish.


Swedish and English are both Germanic and have a lot of similar grammatical/word order features - including that "klänning rosa" is as wrong as "dress pink". I'm assuming you're also learning French, Spanish, or another Latin based language as well because that order is correct in the romance languages


Crazy to learn French and Swedish together, isn't it? (I guess that's that mad French adjective order! Hahah!)


why here its ROSA for "a pink" while the question before this one was "a red hat" and the answer was "En röd hatt", i answered "En röda hatt" and got error. is it because there is "she" and the hat belongs to specific "person" while the other question is just a red hat that doesn't belong to anyone?

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