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I'm telling you here to motivate myself more! (Chinese)

Despite that there are some weak parts on Duolingo so far (such as speaking).. I still consider it PERFECT because it's simply TOO GREAT for a free language learning site :D I want to contribute to show my appreciation.

so.. I'm very passionate and excited on this- I'm writing my Chinese course contributor(moderator) application with great effort and I'll get it done and submitted by 1/19 23:59! Please support my work! :)

I understand that establishing a Chinese course is not easy, but Chinese is an indispensable language in Duolingo due to its huge population of speakers and its significant culture.

so.. we'll have Chinese in the future hopefully LET'S GO FOR IT!!

Moreover,, I thank people who've helped me: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6368978

Edit at 15:12 Sunday (Time in Taiwan):

I've sent the application, earlier then the time I expected, "Monday".

No matter what's next, I'll keep supporting Duolingo and try to make the Chinese course available by contacting Duo, inviting lots of friends, and doing everything as much as I can. The point is to make stronger and stronger demands on Chinese course.

I'll update my post when I get the news. Thanks a lot for reading :)

--update: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6492186

P.S If anyone is learning Chinese and have problems on it you can contact or ask me questions here :)

January 16, 2015



As someone REALLY hoping for a Chinese course in the future I'm crossing my fingers for you! The more contributors, the faster a course, right?


Yes Sarah! Thank you, the Chinese language shouldn't be missed on DUO ! :)


I need Chinese to be on Duolingo. I NEED it.


Thanks for supporting the Chinese language~


You've got my vote. I just started learning Chinese in November and would love to see it on Duolingo.


Hi there! You've got my vote! I hope to see you as a moderator. I believe that this course will be fantastic! Good luck and Thanks!


Thank you very much! :)


Hoorah for Chinese!


Good luck! I hope to see you as a moderator


Thank you 10eConnor :)

[deactivated user]



    Thank you! Go for it, Chinese contributors, we would be so thankful! There is a Vietnamese course now, so Asian languages like Chinese are really possible here. And boy, do I wait for that!

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