"A blusa da menina é rosa."

Translation:The girl's blouse is pink.

July 29, 2013

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"The girl's blouse is rose" was not accepted. I'll complain. I don't see any difference between pink and rose. Is one darker?


Is "The blouse belongs to the girl, it is pink" not a suitable translation? I was told I was incorrect.


No, that would be: "a blusa pertence à menina, ela é rosa"


I wrote "her shirt is pink," how is that not acceptable?


It is "a blusa dela é rosa".


I think DL is looking for Blouse for blusa. "The blouse of the girl is pink" and I think this next version is accepted, "The girl's blouse is pink" I was graded correct with the first version.


Would it also be correct to say "the blouse of the girl is pink" ?

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It is correct, well understood, and should be accepted. But it sounds a bit odd because "of" is used with people for different purposes. "The book of Peggy" doesn't sound like "Peggy's book", it sounds like a book written about Peggy. On the other hand, "The windows of that house look small" sounds natural and, to me, would not just be correct but preferred.

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