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  5. "Det är inte din tur än!"

"Det är inte din tur än!"

Translation:It is not your turn yet!

January 16, 2015



can i use "ännu" instead of "än"?


I have seen tur in Swedish as meaning something like "luck". Is that a common use of tur? Ans is "Luck is not yet on your side" a possible translation for this Swedish sentence?


Yes, it's acommon use of the word. Vi har tur i dag = we are lucky today.

No, it's not. In this sentence "tur" means "turn".


I've heard this plenty of times during dungeons and dragons battles...


I got this wrong - I wrote 'det är inte din turen' - but I was marked 'correct' - this is third time in a week my wrong answer has been marked 'correct'. Am losing trust in the Duolingo process!


Is this sentence likely to be used much it I ever go to Sweden? My perception is Swedes are very polite people. Anyone?

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