"It is a beautiful place."

Translation:Det är en fin plats.

January 16, 2015

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Can we not say "Det är en vacker plats"? Does "fin" mean "beautiful"?


Yes, vacker works as well. Fin means beautiful here, but it has a wide variety of uses. Fin can be used for people to describe their character or their appearance depending on context.


And what's wrong with vackra? I'm guessing it's for plural or definitive?


Correct, vackra is for plural.

Tulpanerna är vackra. - The tulips are beautiful.

De vackra kristallerna. - The beautiful crystals.


fin is weaker than vacker, can mean nice or fine


I know when you talk generally that you use 'Det' but this sentence seems to be referring to a specific place. Would it not then take on 'plats' 'en' and become 'den'? I note that 'vacker' and 'fin' are not using a 't' so I'm not sure I understand the grammar rule if the 'det' translation is correct.


"Det är" is just a neutral "it is". I saw someone else compare it to "det" in "det regnar" - it rains.

But you are right that "plats" is an en-word, so you would for example say "Den här platsen är fin".


Does "den här" mean this specific place so the translation would be "This place is beautiful"?


Den här platsen är vacker = 'This place is beautiful'
Det här är en vacker plats – 'This is a beautiful place'.

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    "fin" versus "snygg". I guess one would not use "snygg" to describe the beauty of a place or country. Is this correct?


    You're right, it does sound odd to call a landscape that. snygg is a little colloquial and often used about clothes and how people look.

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      Would it sound odd to use "ställe" here?


      Why not "Den är en vacker plats."? The "It" could refer to a specific/previously mentioned place (hence "den" rather than "dets"), and "vacker" was used in a similar sentence rather than "fin"...


      Det är en vackert ställe was wrong but I know my Swedish husband has used this before...


      It is ett ställe.


      I'll mix them up for the rest of time! Thanks


      Im confused on the difference between plats and platsen


      plats - place, en plats - a place, platsen - the place

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