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Export vocabulary lists.

If there is actually a feature for that, I'm proably just to stupid to find it. In that case, a friendly not into the direction would be appreciated.

Right now, there is some rapid fire testing for vocab, which is fine, but personally, I know I learn better copying vocab, testing myself and then repeating the process for the rest of the vocab. Having a list of vocab, at least in .txt format would come in really handy.

If it isn't in here anywhere, i'd really apreciate someone adding it to the features.

July 30, 2013



Alright, I've submitted a support request regarding adding such a feature, I hope they respond. In case they do, I'll post an update here.


I'm right now making a list of all spanish vocabs until the 3rd shortcut which I'll also upload. Maybe you could do that too but with the French vocabulary. Though it would really be nice to have such an option as writing them all into a word document's a lot of work.


The things is, the vocab yet learned is different for different people at different times. It won't do me much good to get all the words up to the 3rd shortcut if I haven't finished the first. We really need an export feature, don't we?


That's not entirely true. After all all words up to the 3rd shortcout include the 1st shortcut too. But I agree with you, an export feature would be nice


Of course, but then you'd need to group them by lesson and shortcut.


That's absolutely no problem. You can click the section you want in the section menu in the vocabulary. Say for example Basics 1. You then see all words of Basics 1 and only those. Write them down and go on with Basics 2 etc. Like this they are all ordered after sections


yeah, but if you can view them, then they can be displayed in a different format as well.


How about introducing flash cards for studying words like Qizlet has?


Speaking of, I'm not sure about French, but by searching Quizlet for 'Spanish Duolingo', I have found many flashcards listed by lesson (and have made some myself).


Very cool. I found some flashcards for Italian, too.


yes, we need that feature


I would also like to be able to export and print a vocab list, even if it was on a lesson by lesson basis.


hello, there a few threads on this topic and one in particular I found useful (http://www.duolingo.com/comment/2363) where someone had created there own add on. It been very useful for me (I upload to Anki flashcards) but Unfortunately I have been having some problems with it but am still hopeful it will be fixed

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