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Why don't they ask for "month of June" then?!?


You asked for June not the month of June


Both Meitheamh and Mí an Mheithimh are accepted. As others have pointed out above, they have different forms, so if you get the spelling slightly off you may get shown what the algorithm thinks is appropriate.


Why does June require the article an after but April doesn't?


There is no simple, one-size-fits-all rules for the names of the months with , or the names of the days with .

The different constructions come about because of the different genders and the different declensions that the various names belong to.


I seriously hate when we have two options that are right. This is the only month besides May that I actually can spell and get right....and still it's wrong.


you can tell it's mí an mheithimh because of the case. if it didn't need the mí an the option would be meatheamh.


I don't even get the option of choosing Meitheamh.....................!!!


This is getting beyond a joke. There was NO option of Meitheamh on the screen. I with DL would sort out their multiple choices.


Mí means month. the correct answer if they want what asked for-June-would be Meitheamh. They did not ask for Month of June (mí an Mheitheamh), therefore Duolingo is wrong because Meitheamh is not provided as an option. There are not two correct options-there are NO correct options.


It's not meant to be translated literally. For instance, my basic Irish textbook puts it this way:

In everyday speech, people tend to use the word (month) when referring to a particular month:

Beidh an bhainis ar siúl i mí Iúil.
The wedding will take place in July.

They're really two ways of saying just the name of the month, not literally "month of [month]".

That said, the multiple-choice and word bank selections can be completely ridiculous at times, so I absolutely get the frustration - but please remember, these are generated automatically, and the course content creators are not able to affect them.


Thanks for the logical from-the horses-mouth (your textbook) answer. I decided that must be why prior to your posting, but I wasn't totally convinced until now.


Is this supposed to be pronounced similarly to "mayhem"?


'mh' is pronounced as w or v.


As far as I know, if 'mh' is slender, it is always pronounced /v/ regardless of dialect. Also, the 'i' in 'ei' is always silent. So, this would sound like /vehiv/.

(EDIT: I just noticed this, but I think the standard answer used to be the form Mí an Mheithimh. Mheithimh is what I was describing.)


The mh in Meitheamh is broad rather than slender. The i in ei is not always silent — compare the pronunciations of greim in each of the dialects.


And yet mh here is pronounced slender, isn't it? If it were broad, wouldn't it be pronounced w?


A word-final broad mh (or bh) can be pronounced like a V.


Meatheamh on it's own, mheithimh when it's with "mí an". What's going on there, the end of the word changed


Probably it's in the genitive case, since it's "the month of June".


Meithimh is just the genitive form of meitheamh, and since it's masculine, you add the masculine singular genitive article an, which lenites the following (masculine) noun.


Yes, that's the Welsh word for it. :)


Tá gach rud an faoi láthair!


Each time it comes up, I am reporting it for an error if it simply asks for the name of the month but the answer includes the Gaeilge for month (mí) too.


I got this as a 'pick from a list of words' question which only had 'mheithimh' as a 'June' option, so it obviously marked this choice as wrong, but I had no option. There wasn't an appropriate option to report this kind of problem in the 'report it' option list either, but that's got longer since last I looked at it. (This problem occurred Oct 2018.)

Update - at the end of my session I obviously got the same question repeated, but this time also got mí and an as options so Mheithimh was accepted when combined with these. The problem then is the absence of Meitheamh, mí & an in the first presentation; and just the absence of Meitheamh in the second.


I took a look in the admin system, and the only accepted options are Meitheamh and Mí an Mheithimh - meaning that you suffered a bug, as did everybody else who has submitted one of the many error reports. Since I'm not part of the Irish course (I'm on the Swedish team), I can only look, not change anything... but since it seems to be a bug, it's probably not something which the course content creators can affect anyway.


Mi an Meitheamn but Mi Aibreain??


It should be mí an Mheithimh. Mí Meithimh should work too, but with Aibreán, you don't use an article, so only Mí Aibreáin.

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    This site is becoming more and more a joke.

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