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What happens next, I have mastered all the topics on the page...what now?

November 13, 2012


Seguir practicando , traduciendo textos ,o estudiar otros idiomas ;) saludos

Or all three. :-) The DuoLingo people say that they will eventually add more content.

I thought there might be an exciting page to come as I beavered away to turn everything yellow!!! Oh well more practice is no bad thing I guess and my translating is very hit and miss too!

Sr. Blackheart's third suggestion was to study other languages (idiomas), by the way. Apart from anything else, studying French or Portuguese will increase the challenge of your Spanish studies by making it hard to remember which of several cognates of a word goes with which language. :p

¿Quizás usted habla con otras personas en español?

Yes, I live in Spain so I am not short of people to try to converse with...really that's what prompted my duolingo study to try to improve grammatically, especially verb structures.

You could try reading some Spanish literature...reading plays is easier than novels because it is dialogue, no abstract concepts.

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