"I take my jacket off."

Translation:Jeg tager min jakke af.

3 years ago



Many times now I have seen a sentence like this. I am trying to gather from the comments how this works. In English, we say taking my/his/her/your [item of clothing] off. But in Danish you can just use the definite article with implied possessive pronoun? But then this is only accepted half the time.

3 years ago


Can anyone explain the difference between 'af' and 'afsted' ?

Thanks ! :)

3 years ago


For me I see it like that

'a'f means 'off' 'afsted' compares to something like 'offset' That's why 'at tage af' is 'taking off' like clothes and 'at tage afsted' to actually taking some physical distance, that's why it means 'to leave'. Compare it to the german 'Abstand nehmen' literally take distance

2 years ago
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