When I began learning Dutch, Google Translate gave me the word "lol" for fun. But it doesn't give that to me anymore.

Today I ran into some fun carnaval music and they lyrics are ik wil leven ik wil lachen ik wil lol...

Could someone, maybe a native, explain what lol is? xD

January 16, 2015


In Dutch, lol means "fun" from what I gather or from what my fiancé has told me. :)

EDIT: (scroll down until you see lol)

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    Native here :) Lol means fun! it has some synonyms though, I think that's why it doesn't show up on google. You can use it the same way as having fun in English. The only difference is that you can't say Heb lol! Die vlieger gaat niet op. (saying in the Netherlands: That's not going to work)

    Can I say, "Dat is lol"? As an adjective? Or "Ik vind dit lol!"

    No, that when you use it that way, it turns into lollig (funny).

    Ooooooooh lollig hahaha. That's a funny word. XD

    How would I use it as just "lol", as in fun? Examples?
    • We hebben lol = We have fun
    • Het is leuk om lol te hebben = It is nice to have fun
    • Ik heb een hoop lol met haar (this can be just about fun, or about sex) = I have a lot of fun with her
    • Hij is een echte lolbroek (lit. fun trousers) = He is a genuine funny guy
    • Lollig is een lollig woord = Funny is a funny word
    • Dat was een lollige opmerking = That was a funny remark

    De lol isn't used often, instead het plezier or de pret are normally used. Except in voor de lol and de grootste lol.

    • We doen het voor de lol = We do it for fun
    • We hebben altijd de grootste lol = We always have the biggest fun/a lot of fun

    [deactivated user]

      ik heb zo'n lol -> I am having so much fun wat een lol -> literal translation what a fun. a proper English translation would be something like that is fun. You often say it when people have the giggles over something really stupid/silly

      I thought that someone managed to change the translation as a joke... until my friend from Belgium said it 0.o

      I thought the same at first! I was like "Hahahahaha whoever did that is hilarious" and then I was like "wait what"

      The first time I learned that English speakers use LOL as laughing out loud, I found it really funny as well. :) An ancient joke in Dutch is, when you have an old-school pocket calculator, while holding it upside down type 707+707 (=1414), this is: lol + lol = hihi. (While you're at it, you can also type oliebol, even after new year's day.)

      Oliebollen are like donuts, right? I watched a video of Jettie Palettie making them but didn't understand the significance because it was a silent video.

      Does it translate to like oil balls/spheres? Since they're kinda round.

      Well, they definitely are more fat than donuts, since they are deep fried (hence olie). You're right in the meaning. Oliebollen are traditionally eaten on New Year's Eve and are usually served with powder sugar prinkled on them. One can add raisins, currants or sometimes pieces of apple in the dough, which makes them look like this (by the looks of it, these are without apple):

      Haha, I remember those silly calculator jokes!

      Here's a carnival tune I like, even though I do not agree with its title :) Perhaps you might enjoy it as well:

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