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  5. "The boy's sandwich"

"The boy's sandwich"

Translation:Pojkens smörgås

January 16, 2015



Can we please, please add the link for the letter å, as is done for accented characters in other languages?


You can also install the Windows International Keyboard which allows you to easily type these accented characters.


In fact that is exactly what I do, and that works fine for characters like é and ë. But how do I make å from that keyboard without having to use a three digit code?


You can do it by using alt w (I have no idea why they picked w to represent it).


Specifically, right alt. Yes, that works. I assume they chose w only because it was otherwise unused.

Thank you!


You could also do what I did. Windows comes with a feature to easily switch between different keyboard layouts on the fly.

I have mine set up to switch to the Swedish keyboard whenever I press "Ctrl+Shift+2" and the English keyboard with "Ctrl+Shift+1".

You just go to "Control Panel>Region And Language>Change Keyboards".

Click "Add" and select "Sweden>Swedish".

Go to "Advanced Key Settings" and set the key sequence to whatever you want.


Sorry if it is a silly question - can someone explain to me why it is not Pojkarnas smorgas (cant type the accents at work) thanks


"Pojkar" is the plural form, in the above sentence we are talking about the boy as singular. For that reason we say pojkens and not pojkarnas


Could this be "Pojkens smörgåsen?" I see "the boy's sandwich" as "THE sandwich that is the boy's", as opposed to "A sandwich that is the boy's" In English you can't really differentiate whether just boy or both boy and sandwich are in a definite case.

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