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"My aunt makes soup in winter."

Translation:Mijn tante maakt soep in de winter.

January 16, 2015



when is it necessary to use an article (like apparently, in this case, with "winter"), and when is it optional, or when should it not be used at all?


You don't have to always use an article with the seasons, e.g.:

  • Het is winter/zomer/lente/herfst - not de winter/zomer/lente/herfst

But when you refer to the winter you do use an article e.g.:

  • Morgen begint de winter/zomer/lente/herfst - not winter/zomer/lente/herfst
  • Tijdens de zomer is het warm

I suppose you can look at it in a similar way as the times of day in English, e.g.:

  • It is afternoon somewhere - but you don't say I make soup in afternoon it needs an article.


what about "Mijn tante maakt soep 's winters" ?


The word order is wrong. "Mijn tante maakt 's winters soep" is correct.


When do time and place prepositional phrases and adverbs come before the verb?


When you want to emphasise them, you can move them all the way to the front.

  • Mijn tante maakt soms soep in de winter. (normal, no specific emphasis)
  • In de winter maakt mijn tante soms soep. (emphasis on in de winter)
  • Soms maakt mijn tante soep in de winter. (emphasis on soms)


In American English we say, "My aunt makes soup in THE winter."


So since the correct sentence didn't include it, I'm not sure if m'n tante is a correct way of saying mijn tante. Is it?


It is a correct way of saying it, but it is very informal to write m'n, and because it is an abbreviation of mijn it is not included in the course.


Ok, thanks! Sometimes I wish they had more than three options so I could learn a bit more :)


With this particular sentence the problem is that it is linked to the English for Dutch speakers course. Technically speaking for the Dutch for English speakers course it should not be accepted, so please refrain from using it because in most other cases it won't be accepted.


Would 's winter pass in this sentence?


Yep: "Mijn tante maakt 's winters soep."


Back to the rule of (time manner place), is it correct to say (mijn tante maakt in de winter soep)?


Why is this sentence in the emergency secțion?

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