"É possível ver o tribunal através da janela."

Translation:It is possible to see the court through the window.

July 30, 2013

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It could also be "the court"


Why is "the courtroom" not accepted?


Could ~pela janela´ also mean through the window?


Why is law court marked as wrong? This seams like a rather unusual use of the word tribunal which would normally refer to a forum of sorts such as an international tribunal being formed or a military tribunal etc... I have never seen the word used to describe the building where a tribunal is convened.


a sala do tribunal = the COURTroom = tribunal. Suddenly DUO does not accept its ,own translation? Tribunal must be tribunal and not COURT?

Or don't you accept my spelling through/ thru?

DUO, please try and be consistent. The course is interesting, but difficult enough; at least for me. Thank you. 23 XII 2021. Feliz Natal. Walt.


Duolingo accepts "it is possible to see the court through the window" now.


The courtroom...

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