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"Din fru kommer att ha tagit alla dina drömmar från dig."

Translation:Your wife will have taken all your dreams from you.

January 16, 2015



Well that's really sad... Unless they were bad dreams?


I was hoping this was a play on the Pogues song, Fairytale of New York: "you took my dreams from me, when I fist found you."


I've been wanting to add a line from The Sick Bed of Cúchulainn for quite some time, but it reaaaaaaally doesn't translate well for language-course purposes. :)


I don't know names of tenses, but will we learn the swedish equivalent of 'would have' as well? At a guess, is it 'skulle ha'?


Yes, it's taught in Conditional. You're totally right that it is skulle ha.


I have a question, I would usually say "skulle vara" as a translation for "would be". However, I once heard "vore" instead. I immediately understood the meaning, but I wonder if this type of construction is common or not, as it does not show on any website when conjugating "vara", but it does show up if I search for the word "vore" itself.


Ahhh that's the one I haven't brought myself to start because it's intimidating and there are no tips and notes!!


Sorry about that. Writing T&N is no one's favorite job on our team, it seems :)
But the good news is that this thing works a lot like in English.


Haha thanks. Sounds like you're pretty busy trying to get Tree 2.0 done. It's good that it's a lot like English, because I'll be able to pick it up - but a lot of the time I actually don't know the theory of English grammar because I was never taught it - we all just picked up how to use it.


You'll probably learn a lot of English grammar at the same time then, which is also a good thing.


Tree 2.0? Are they redoing the tree?


What is a Tree 2.0? Surely you either have one tree or no tree. How can you have a 2.0 tree?


Is it really necessary to add "from you" at the end of the english sentence? I'd say it's highly implied, whom else would she take my dreams from?


To me, it would feel a very different English sentence without that final "from me". If she takes my dreams from me, it is clear that I am totally bereft, I am left with nothing. "She took all my dreams" is far less definite and might imply that she had made the dreams her own too. So I would say it is needed.


The ” you ” doesn’t exist when I played.

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