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Learning two different languages from two different languages

I am fluently bilingual in French (my mother tongue) and English. I've been learning Spanish from French (as French is my preferred language) for a while and recently started learning German from English (since there isn't the option to do so from French). What I hate is that every time I want to start a lesson in the other language, I am forced to change my own language in my settings in order to access the lessons in the 2nd language. When I finish a Spanish lesson from French and want to start a German lesson, or vice versa, whether in browser or in app, I have to do this. As well, my profile only shows what level I'm at in one language, as though I have two separate accounts using one email. When I switch my language to English, I'm at level 1 in German, 0 in Spanish. Then when I switch to French, I'm at level 7 in Spanish, with no mention of German.

Doesn't seem like it should be a big deal to fix this and I imagine I'm not the only one in this kind of situation.

January 16, 2015

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I agree to Atsinganoi's opinion.

I registered for en->sp and en->it. I now want to add de->fr as my mother tongue is German. If I do so, I no longer see my en->... languages.

I would even go one step further. Suppose, de->sp is out of hatching state, I would prefer to convert my en->sp to de->sp. For language learning it's ok to translate into English, but I would never feel competent to translate Spanish into English, so I skip all translation suggestions while I would contribute (and help Duolingo) to translate Spanish into German.

As the language tree should be the same and only the base language different, a conversion should be technically possible. Another possible suggestion would be to present the Spanisch text and ask if I wanted to contribute by translating it into English, or any other language like German. I will certaily not repeat the entire Spanish course with German as base language.

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