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[BUG REPORT] Going into landscape mode changes the question type

Bug: If the question is the type where you select the words from a word bank, and the device is in portrait when that question was started, then by rotating the device into landscape mode, it goes into the typing mode, she you can tap the words and get the definitions. If words were entered, they become text. If the device is rotated back into portrait mode after this, it will remain in the typing mode for this question.

Device info: iOS 8.1.2 (Jailbroken) Duolingo version: Device model: iPhone 6 UI language: en Learning language: it

After I force the bug again, I'm sending feedback through the Duolingo's feedback button.

Stay awesome.

January 16, 2015




today I suggested Duo start tracking bugs publicly. I think this is a better way to report and handle issues such as this one.

Please take a look and, if you like, vote on this thread and comment. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6483164

Thank you!


I've seen this issue, as well.

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