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Audio for strengthening of Directions badly mis-linked

The audio files are almost completely mis-linked with what's on the page when you are doing a strengthening run in the Directions lessons. In many cases, but not always, if you translate what you see written instead of what you hear, the answer is marked as incorrect. Took a long time to get through it because of that.

I marked each slide that was wrong so feedback has been provided that way too, but it was widespread enough that it warranted a separate posting for it.

January 16, 2015



I've read that it's a known problem, and the Duo staff was supposed to fix it last month or so, but apparently it wasn't so easy. I think the contributors disabled the dictation exercises for those sentences, but that's all they could do.


^^Yep! Just to add to that, we are not currently sure if these will be fixed with the current speaker, but they should automatically be fixed when the new audio is added (which should be pretty soon™)


Uh oh, there's that dreaded "soon" again ;-)


Well, when you have no exact date it's one of a very few options and it definitely sounds more definitive than "at some point".

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