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All golden!

Finished the tree last night! Level 13 and all levels golden, it looks pretty good! I'm sure many many people have done it but it's a good feeling. Now just keep practising I guess. Keep at it everyone!

July 30, 2013



Wow, I'm at level 11 and I'm not even halfway through the tree yet, that's pretty good going! I keep doing lots of practice though to remind myself of the lessons I have just learned before I move on. How long did it take you to complete the tree?


My current streak is actually how long it took me so 39 days. But had a massive head start being a Spanish speaker. I didn't do much practice because the android app is still limited so focused in doing the lessons and try to keep all the sections golden. In any case it still feels good to finish it! It would be nice to hear what level other people are when they finish a tree.


Complimenti! What is the highest level? I follow a someone who i'm sure was at level 20!


25 is the highest level! Impressed to see somebody finish it at Level 13. Venciso, did you skip many lessons? I think I finished it halfway between Level 20 and 21.


Zakowen, thanks! Nic, I skipped a few at the beginning but not many and they still give you the equivalent amount of coins when you do that. I think potentially someone might be able to finish the tree at level 12 if they don't try to keep the lessons golden, not sure. Wow, level 22 you're almost there! Do you know if you get anything special if you reach 25?


I finished my French tree with all skills gold on level 11 but I used all the keyholes (my French is reasonably good) so sacrificed all the bonus coins up to there and also did the rest fairly quickly so didn't have to do much repetition before finishing the tree. For German I think it was near the end of level 12. I can see that for Italian which I am doing much more slowly while keeping other trees gold it will be more like level 15. Well done on your lovely golden tree!

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