"Eu pensei que eu nunca errasse."

Translation:I thought that I would never make a mistake.

July 30, 2013

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"I thought that I never erred", although less common in English, should also be accepted.


This sentence can also be interpreted as "I thought I never made mistakes." I reported it.


Yes, especially since they accept "I thought that I never made a mistake." (Eu pensei/achei que eu nunca cometi um erro/havia errado). I reported it too. =]


The correct translation for "I thought I would never make a mistake is "Eu pensei que eu nunca erraria"


Therefore, "I thought I might never make a mistake" might be better.

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    I think that it may depend on whether you are discussing a situation in the past that is reality based or whether you are describing a situation that is hypothetical and unfulfilled.


    These translators have no clue about the range of possible correct English translations.


    I think they might not have thought of every possible solution right off the bat, but that's how duo works, I suppose: they put in what they can think of when they set it up, and the users report other possibilities to improve the system. =]


    I agree. They are not qualified to do this job. It's infuriating again and again.


    A non-native speaker cannot be familiar with all common usage, which often violates rules, or simply follows preference learned by long years of association or by learning the language during the time period that human brain formation is optimal for easily acquiring language thtough hearing.


    Equally correct and with equivalent s "I never thought".


    Equally correct and with equivalent meaning is "I never thought that ..."


    Equally correct and with equivalent meaning is "I never thought that ..."


    "I thought I never would make a mistake." was counted as wrong. !! "I thought I would never make a mistake." was considered the correct option. BOTH are completely correct. BOTH!!


    "I never thought i would make a mistake"? it seems more natural to me.


    Couldn't it also be "i thought i would never miss" in case the object of "miss" would be a target ?


    What about: "I thought I was never wrong."?


    I thought that I never would make a mistake should also be accepted.


    Why is the translation to english "I thought that i never would make a mistake" wrong? Please can someone explain, why?

    I never would .... OR I would never ....


    Ron Seymour: Is 'I never thought I would make a mistake' so far removed from the sentence 'I thought I would never make a mistake'? Is this splitting hairs?


    "Err" is still a word in English, folks. Reporting.


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