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Suggestion: Ability to see student's trees

I'd love to be able to see my students' trees to visually see their progress. Thanks! I love Duolingo!

January 16, 2015



It is actually possible, with the use of a userscript (you'll have to be at least a tiny bit adept with computers to do this--but there are pretty clear directions if you follow the link below).


This is a must-have for me as a teacher. And worth figuring out the directions for.


Unfortunately the script has stopped working for me. Well, on some of my students' profiles I can see the weekly bar of XP progress and can see their trees, but only on some. On others it plain doesn't work. I have re-installed the script many times. Also, when my laptop is running slow, I see messages such as "waiting for TamperMonkey." I think it slows my computer down.


Can you please help me figure this out? I installed the script using the instructions at the linked page, and I now have an icon in my taskbar, to the right of the address bar in my browser... but I am not sure what to do to see the information that this tool is supposed to show me. If I click on "Duolingo Stats" the green circle turns red.... and nothing else happens. What am I missing here?


This was the first improvement that came to my mind when I started implementing the program with students over the last week. Some of my more advanced learners are dissatisfied with the upper end of the German tree--and I share their frustration. There are some answers provided by native German speakers that are not really idiomatic--not the way a native (U.S.) English speaker would say it. And there are some abstract concepts that have a specific meaning in business but another meaning in another context. Well schooled in German literature, I am frustrated when only the business answer is considered correct. At the upper end of the tree, the user has to be constantly mindful of the context of the word, or the system won't accept the answer. But I think even my more advanced students would still benefit from the program. I'd like to be able to reward them for strengthening their skills in the areas that they like, and being able to follow their trees would help me see their strengths as well as their areas of difficulty.


Luis and the DL team, I sure agree with this post and hope that you guys can add the ability to see our students' trees.

[deactivated user]

    Agreed. This would be super useful. Thanks team Duo


    I agree with you.Thank you Duolingo Team.


    Yes, that would be great


    I agree - it would be great


    I agree! Seeing the tree would be a fantastic option. Thanks for creating the dashboard. I love that I can see what they are working on and how many XP they earn! Thanks so much.


    Agreed. This would be great to add.


    That would be awesome. As it is now, my students have to send me a screen-shot to show their work.


    I will add my voice to the many asking for this feature. I would love to have an easier way to see student's progress other than them providing a screenshot or a verbal indication.


    I agree whole heartedly! While seeing which lessons they completed during a weeks time is nice, it doesn't give me a full picture. Seeing their skill trees would be extremely beneficial. Thanks!


    Yes, this would be amazing. I'm currently working with a french tutor and it would be great if she could log into her dashboard and see the actual skills, words and phrases I've been working on. In addition to date, time, etc. I think the XP is a good system for normal users, but teachers need to know how much time students are applying to the development of thier skills.


    yes please - I'd like to see my students trees; would be very useful.


    What we need now is to be able to see how many crowns each skill has.


    Also, would love to be able to place students at more advanced levels, skipping the placement test

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