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Problems with flashcards.

So I wrote to bchan awhile earlier, but I hadn't heard anything. So I thought I'd start a discussion thread. I posted this before in general, but I'm moving it here because it's probably more appropriate in troubleshooting.

So I started using the flash cards, and it really boosted my skills. But I noticed a few problems:

a) Cards would be marked as "strengthened" even if I got them totally wrong.

b) Cards would repeat themselves. Apparently, duoLingo REALLY wants me to know what the German word for "fish" is. (Spoiler alert: it's "Fisch"")

c) It wouldn't start with the weakest words. So let's say I had 7 cards marked as needing to be studied. I might see only 1 of those in a set of reviews. All the rest would be words that were already "strong". There was no way to tell duoLingo that I wanted to study a particular word, so it took forever to get through the 7 cards that it said needed studying.

d) When I came back the next day, about half of the cards I had studied were marked as weak again, and half were strong. The thing is, there was no correlation between how I did when I studied and how they were marked, so some cards that I got wrong were marked as strong, and some cards I got right were marked as weak.

I really like this site, but this is no sane way to study vocabulary!

So am I doing something wrong?

January 17, 2015

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I do feel for you. Personally I do not use Duo's flashcards. Instead I use Memrise which are so much better in my opinion.

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