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The Swedish Alphabet

This is what I have come up with so far. Let me know if I can make this better in any way.

Aa (aw)

Bb (bee)

Cc (see)

Dd (dee)

Ee (ee)

Ff (if)

Gg (gee) “g” as in “grunt”

Hh (❤❤❤) “Ho ho ho” –Santa Clause

Ii (ee) Show your teeth while saying it

Jj (szhee) Szh = sh with a buzzing noise

Kk (koa) Like in “Koala”

Ll (el) say the “e” like in “bet”. Then stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth

Mm (em)

Nn (en)

Oo (oo) “oo” as in between “boo” and “boat”. Poke out your lips

Pp (pee)

Qq (que) said sort of like “coo” but “que” like

Rr (arr) “a” as in “bat” and roll those R’s with your tongue

Ss (ess)

Tt (tee)

Uu (oo) say “eww” but drop the “ee” sound

Vv (vee)

Ww (doo belle vee) say all three together. Say “belle” like in “bell” and the last “e” as in “bet”

Xx (ex)

Yy (ee) say “ee” but push out your lips this time

Zz (sa da) say both together. “sa” like in “sad” and “da” like “du”

Åå (o) as in “boat”

Ää (a) as in “bat”

Öö (?) the “u” sound like in “push”

I will try to get some of the Swedish words later.

January 17, 2015



But if reinventing the wheel helps you understand its function and use, then the wheel should be reinvented! :)


Does å have a sound to like like oh-uh / o-a? I hear kinda both a bit. More the o though.


Probably. I've been listening to bunch of swedish alphabet on youtube and this is what i've come up with. If someone else says so, I'll change it.


In Swedish it is o. In Danish and Norwegian it is different.


this website was linked to previously and as quite a good pronunciation guide. Also, I may be misinterpreting what you're trying to do, but... W and Z are in the alphabet yes but they aren't used much except in some loan words. J is pronounced like the english Y, and G at the end of words becomes soft.


That link you provided says the "404 page does not exist" thing


thanks , it is helpful

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