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Many of the things we do (1) on receiving information from other people. Catching a train, making a phone call and going to the cinema all involve information (2)stored, processed and communicated. In the past this information had to be kept on paper (3), for example, books, newspapers and timetables. Now more and more information is put (4) computers.

<pre> Computers play an important role in our everyday lives, sometimes without us even realizing it. ___(5)___ the use of computers in both shops and offices. Big shops have to deal with very large ___(6)___ of information. They have to make sure that there are enough goods on the shelves for customers to buy, they need to be able to reorder before ___(7)___ run out, to decide which things are selling well and go on. All these processes are performed quickly and efficiently by computers. A lot of office work in the past involved information on paper. Once it had been dealt with by people, the paper was ___(8)___ for future reference. This way of working was never ___(9)___ easy or fast. A computer system is much more ___(10)___. </pre>

Choose the best answer to fill in the blank

  1. A. to depend B. depending C. depended D. depend
  2. A. that has B. has C. is D. that is
  3. A. in the case of B. in the form of C. in preparation for D. in search of
  4. A. on B. in C.by D. with
  5. A. To be considered B. To consider C. Consider D. Be considered
  6. A. amount B. number C. numbers D. amounts
  7. A. stocks B. items C. purchases D. cargoes
  8. A. thrown away B. torn off C. put aside D. recycled
  9. A. particularized B. particular C. particularly D. particularity
  10. A. effective B. skillful C. capable D. formal
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