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I was reading an article in spanish...

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Is it wrong to think that you can correct an article that doesn't look right. Here let me show you what I mean.

Here is the first line from the article Abraham Quintanilla trató de recordar a su hija como la vió la última vez, apenas ayer.

I read it and then I thought it would read better looking like this Abraham Quintanilla trató de recordar su hija el la última vez, vió su justo ayer.

Am I wrong to think this or am I just getting more practice for spanish?

3 years ago


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The original one definitely looks better. For one, "recordar a su hija" is correct; you can't leave out the "a" there. More info: http://spanish.about.com/cs/grammar/a/personal_a.htm

If something looks strange to you in a Spanish newspaper, unless it's blatantly wrong like a bad conjugation or mispelling, it's usually going to be something you're not familiar with rather than something that's incorrect. Trying to figure out what the grammar is and why it's doing what it's doing is going to get you a lot further than trying to rewrite it. =)

3 years ago


The original sentence is correct, but I think the structure is like poetic or something, it goes like this: "Abraham Quintanilla tried to remember his daughter like the last time he saw her, just yesterday". The part of your sentence that says : trató de recordar su hija EL la última vez, VIO SU JUSTO AYER, it's not because "El" should be write with a tittle (Él) since they are talking about him (He), and the place you choose tu put it doesn't make sense. Also you need the "a" to connect correctly the sentence. Finally "Vio justo ayer" I think it would translated like "Saw to just yesterday" or something like that , I'm not sure, sorry. "Apenas ayer" it's fine.

Hope that helps you and sorry about my english I'm still learning.


3 years ago