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Suggestion Thread

Figure it would probably be more beneficial to have a single thread with peoples' suggestions than a bunch of them for the mods to have to sort through and read. So here it is.

I'm a university student who is trying to help build a Language Studies program at my school and I'm using this to not only learn languages myself, but to encourage my friends to learn. Right now, using the Teacher function helps me see what my friends are doing. Here are some suggestions after the first week of me using it:

1) A reminder button to send notifications to students (individual and mass) to practice their language(s). 2) A way to minimize and sort students by language being learned. As someone who is learning multiple languages and who has friends learning different languages, sorting to see who is doing which language and their progress in it would be beneficial. 3) A progress bar for each student on the Dashboard. I can see the total xp for the week they earn, what lesson they've done, etc..but I'd like to see how close they are to leveling up in their language and maybe how far they have advanced down the tree. 4) A "recommended skill" button to suggest to students a specific skill to work on. For example, if I wanted my students/friends to work on Plurals or Food, I could click the button to let them know (individually and/or collectively) to focus on that lesson for the week

I realize that these suggestions might be a lot of work, but that's what suggestions are for. I recommend Duolingo to pretty much everyone who has ever told me that they had an interest in a language and certainly to all of my friends, especially ones in university/college. I love the work you guys are doing and hope to see more great things in the future! Thank you so much!

January 17, 2015



These are good suggestions. We'll put them on the list :)


Students under 13 cannot have Google+ accounts, but it would be a huge benefit to teachers for their students to be able to log in with their Google Apps for Education accounts--fewer forgotten passwords! Please could you add a Google account login option (not just a Google+ login option?)


It would be nice if in the 4 suggest, you add a recommended skill by type of exercise, maybe I just want yo do exercises which are just dictates, cause I'm bad in the listening exercises.


Is there any way to connect existing accounts to my teacher account? Some of my students already have accounts and would rather connect it to my account than start over.


Sure, just send them the link.


As a teacher, I would LOVE to see the following: 1) better descriptions of the lessons - for example: The introduction lesson has 3 lessons: what do those lessons teach? not just the words. 2) I'd like to be able to click on each lesson within the "animals" section & assign those - or show it to my students within my instruction as a model or example. 3) the ability to assign strengthening skills within specific lessons & not expect students to know which lessons they need help in. 4) better translating: When I'm doing a Spanish lesson, one thing that I keep coming across is sentences that don't make sense. For example: "The spider eats horses". Can you create content that is actually something that could happen? If it's not realistic, our minds think, "that can't be right" and then the answer we give will be wrong.

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