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"Teaching of children is important."

Translation:Undervisning af børn er vigtigt.

January 17, 2015



I would say that 'vigtigt' is wrong here. It's undervisningEN, not undervisningET.


that's what i thought, too. and "important" isn't an adverb.


It's been explained to me in the meantime, elsewhere on DL. It's do with 'undervisning' being a very general abstract thing in this sentence. It remains an '-en word', but takes a neutral adjective. If the sentence were about a particular instance of undervisning, something like 'Sophie's teaching of maths is good', say, the adjective would be without the t: 'god', not 'gott'. (Native speakers, please let me know if my explanation is imperfect.)


Indeed, any native Danish speaker is willing to chip in?


I whatsapped a Danish friend (working from home like many of us) who said, it should be understood as "Teaching children, that is important". Hence the t on vigtigt as in "det er vigtigt".

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