"Het meisje spreekt."

Translation:The girl speaks.

January 17, 2015



How is pronounced ''spreekt''? «shpriikt» or «shpre:kt»?

February 23, 2015


This site is very good for pronunciations. http://www.heardutchhere.net/lesson1.html The long ee sound is somewhere between a long e and a long a in English.

June 2, 2015


How can we consider the gender of noun? And why dutch have specializaton of gende nounsr? For what? How can we know it is neuter gender noun or common gender noun? Thanks.

November 23, 2016


There are no rules for knowing the gender of a noun. Only 'guidelines' (with way too many exceptions). You'd have to learn them by heart.


  • All diminutives are het woorden: het meisje, het kindje, het mannetje, het huisje...
  • All plurals (including diminutives) are de woorden: de boeken, de tafels, de mensen, de meisjes, de mannetjes

Dutch used to have a case system, like German. So genders were very important. Nowadays, we don't use the case system that much anymore. There are a few 'set phrases' that include the case system (e.g. heer des huizes (lord of the house); Koninkrijk der Nederlanden (Kingdom of the Netherlands); 's morgens (from 'des morgens': in the morning)).

See here

November 23, 2016


Got confused, thought it was Ik instead Het, someone can tell me the difference?

July 15, 2015


'Ik' means 'I'. 'Het' means 'it' as well as 'the' for neuter nouns. In this sentence, it means 'the'. Using 'ik' would be trying to say "I girl speaks."

July 16, 2015


Should it not have been De meisje spreekt?

September 29, 2015


No. Meisje is a neuter gender noun, so its article in the singular is het. De is used for common gender nouns and plurals.

September 29, 2015


How is the "ei" in "meisje" pronounced?

October 30, 2017



November 25, 2018


The girl is speaking, in this sentence is correct?

August 17, 2018
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