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Entire Course Offline?

I'm going to be away travelling next year and will have no internet access at all for months at a time.

Is there any way you could make the entire course available offline for the iOS/Android Apps? I really want to continue the course but fear I will not be able to.

July 30, 2013



After using the app offline for a while, I would love the option to download all the lessons, enable practice mode, and have more questions downloaded per lesson. For now - syncing every couple of days, living without practice mode, and repeating the same questions if you fail a lesson - is the way of life for offline users.


I agree that a complete download of data should be made available so that offline study can incorporate every lesson and allow for progression past a couple of stored lessons. If it was done it would simply need a "check for updates" button which would notify you if there were additional sentences or words that could be downloaded to enhance the current content. The space required would be fairly large but would be extremely useful. I would also think that this would dramatically increase the speed of the app, online or off. Two thumbs up for this one! :)


Agree, Any idea if there is a petition process by which we could gaun support amongst users?


This feature please!

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