"Why is the number falling?"

Translation:Hvorfor er tallet faldende?

January 17, 2015



I thought you weren't supposed to use the gerund like this (I am singing, it is falling), and only as an adjective? Why is it used here like the English gerund?

May 21, 2015


Because here it is an adjective present participle, not a gerund. Replace it by another to get the sentence structure.

November 19, 2016


Why not "Hvorfor daler antallet?" ? http://navisen.dk/blog/antallet-af-indbrud-daler/

January 17, 2015


Is there any practical difference between "tallet" and "antallet"?

September 22, 2016


"tal" is a number, either a specific one, or just numbers. "antal" is a total of something. You can replace "antal" with "tal" when talking about a specific total of something, just like here, but not if you want to tell what you are counting; for example, "antallet af cykler" cannot be replaced by "tallet af cykler", while "antallet" can be replaced by "tallet". I hope this makes sense, but it is a little difficult to explain.

February 19, 2017
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