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  5. "Est-il le maire ?"

"Est-il le maire ?"

Translation:Is he the mayor?

January 17, 2015



I thought that before an article we use "c'est", so shouldn't this be "Est-ce le maire"?


When asked to translate "Is he the mayor" to French, I wrote "Est-il le maire ?", exactly as Duo has written it above, but was chastised. Duolingo gave the correct translation as "Est-ce le maire ?" I did not understand why, but did not report anything as I thought that I must be in error. Now I see that according to this reverse translation scenario I was correct previously. Or was I? I am confused. Please help.


Yep. Happened to me, too. Just Duo being Duo...


I have the exact same issue. What gives?


I think "the" is unimportant. "Is he mayor?" sounds good.

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