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Learning English

Hello everyone,

I am searching for ways of learning English with Duolingo from my native language, which is Romanian. I saw there are no courses of English from Romanian, however when accesing Duolingo from a comouter with Romanian set language (Windws), I saw that the whole browser had the exercises translated in Romanian.

Do you know if there is a connection between the language set as prefference of the device (computer/ tablet) and the base language of Duolingo? I did a test on my tablet, changed the language of the iPad from English to Romanian but had no result..

Many thanks Raluca

January 17, 2015



I'm not exactly sure what you're saying...but, here, English course for Romanian Speakers. Click on the link and then on the box with the Statue of Liberty. Then click on "Switch to course", wait for a few seconds and that should do it. Enjoy learning. :)


Awesomeee!!!!!! Thanks so much for the input, totally works!! Best, Raluca


Wow, Your English seems Native.

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