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Vocabulary strength bug?

My vocabulary is rife with words for which every "form" is at maximum strength (4 bars), yet due to some quirky bug the "parent" word reports itself as only 1 or 2 bars strong. This image is a prime example of what I'm describing: http://i.imgur.com/0v5pkLD.png

This has been occurring for some time, but it's never caused an issue with the app since the strength of word forms are used for the purposes of determining "weakest words" for practices, etc. So it's more of a minor annoyance. I'm just curious as to its cause and whether a fix is in the works. Is this a symptom of other bugs within the vocabulary strengthening / weakening functions?

July 30, 2013



This is a known issue... fortunately, the bug is only in the display of the vocab page and not in the word strength calculation itself. So the one bar for the "parent" word (or "lemma") is kind of lying to you, and you really have four bars (I just looked).

We do plan to fix this, but since it doesn't affect practice, and the vocab page isn't used as much as other website features, we've given other bug fixes higher priority so far.


Thanks for the info, it's pretty much what I had guessed was happening. As I said, it's not something that I was overly concerned about, but I'd become curious about its cause after seeing it so much while re-strengthening my vocabulary following the word strength bug fix a couple months ago.

I have another semi-related question, if you've got time to answer it. I've noticed that since the bug fix, many words remain full strength until their "last practiced" date rolls past 2 months. When this happens, they instantly degrade to 1 bar. Shouldn't there be a more natural degradation over time?

ETA: I check my vocabulary page, sorted by strength (low to high) at least a couple of times each day. The words that degrade suddenly at 2 months are not anywhere near the bottom of that category, and only show up as the weakest words once they've crossed the 2 month threshold.


Thanks, we'll look into that.


If it helps, my latest encounter with this issue was today with the inflected form "escribo" of the Spanish verb "escribir" which was 4 bars yesterday, and 1 bar this morning.

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