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Must take a quiz before going on to the next step . . .

After racking up 1,500 points (for effort), realized after I noticed I was repeating material over and over, that I had to take a quiz by clicking on the topic before moving on, otherwise the program will assume you are not "getting it," having you repeat until you pass the test for the previous module.

May 6, 2012



What? I do the lessons, and when I get bored repeating, I translate sentences for points. There is an option to "test out". I do not use that option because I want the practice. If you don't test out, then you have to rack up points by doing lessons, reviewing lessons, or translating. Never heard of "having to take a test to go on to the next modul. Am at level 12


Monica... ¿ De dónde eres tú ? Te invito a comer chicharrón en El Rincón...


Hi, Monica ! English is not my born language, so I sometimes don't reach to exactly tell what I mean. Never mean to offend anybody. I don't quite agree your reasons for taking that test, but perhaps you're right and I am wrong. I believe practice is necessary and repeating exercises is a good thing to fix concepts. It is important "to really feel" you master the thing before taking the test. I don't let my daughter to take that test 'cause I feel She needs more practice (She is ten years old). Am I wrong ?


Amaponian, I agree with you. I would rather practice TOO MUCH than not enough! Often I return to beginning exercises to be sure I have not forgotten the fundamentals. You are right to emphasize this to your daughter. You need to look at www.KhanAcademy.org for both you and your daughter. I am working through that as well. In my opinion, DuoLingo is the BEST free foreign language instruction website on the Internet. By the way, your English is excellent!

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