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  5. "Ik sport twee uur per dag."

"Ik sport twee uur per dag."

Translation:I exercise two hours a day.

January 17, 2015



I do sport two hours a day was wrong?


At the other sentence it did't accept 'do sport' for 'sporten', only the 'play sport' was correct. I don't know since when we use 'play' for sports that we do alone and not in a team.


Yes, that is most likely some serious strain on your body.


Is the English translation fully correct? In English, saying you exercise also includes stuff that isn't sport like weightlifting. Can you say sporten in Dutch for that as well?


Verb to exercise:

"2 [NO OBJECT] Engage in physical activity to sustain or improve health and fitness:"

Sporten only refers to physical exercise and playing sports.


I'm not sure what you mean here - the use of only suggests you're excluding a possibility, but you say it refers to physical exercise... So is exercise a good translation or not?


It is, but only in the definition of physical activity.


thanks for the clarification!


Why is "I play two hours of sport per day" incorrect?


English "Sport" refers to a competition game etc . If u say you are playing 2 hours of sport that means you are competing for 2 hours. Sporten in dutch is refering to exercising/practicing. Going to the gym etc Not competing

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