"De meisjes lezen de menu's."

Translation:The girls read the menus.

January 17, 2015



menu's is volledig fout uitgespoken!

April 30, 2016


Yes, it should be [me-nys], right? I.e. with a sort of "french" u-sound?

July 1, 2018



August 7, 2018


We are aware that "menu's" is pronounced wrong. Unfortunately, we (the contributors) can't do anything about it, other than reporting it.

In the meantime, here is the correct pronunciation of "menu's": https://nl.forvo.com/word/menu%27s/#nl

October 11, 2017


This is one of the biggest problems with Duolingo is when words are pronounced wrong and everyone knows it, but nobody can fix it

May 1, 2018


The apostrophe is correct here — it keeps the "u" sound long

January 17, 2015


but why do we put it ?!

January 27, 2015

February 1, 2015


How do we know when the apostrophe is needed?

January 29, 2015


If the word ends with a,o,y,u. You will need the apostrophe.

March 10, 2015


Is the speaker pronouncing menu's correctly? He says the word as if it were spelled "menuis" If he is pronouncing the word correctly, why does the end vowel sound change from the English "oo" sound in the singular menu, to the English "ow" sound in the plural menu's?

June 14, 2016


Nah, it's wrong. It should sound like a German ü here (long Dutch u).

June 19, 2016


Does Dutch have a possessive 's like English does?

August 29, 2015



Yes, there is a possessive ‘s, but it is not like English.

For words that end in consonants other than s, there will be no apostrophe for the possessive, just add an s.

This word is simply plural: http://www.dutchgrammar.com/en/?n=NounsAndArticles.10

May 6, 2018


Yes, Dutch does have a possessive "s", but as spelling rules differ, compared to English it's less often written with an apostrophe:

  • A possessive apostrophe s is added to a noun or name ending in a vowel. "papa's jas" (dad's coat)

  • A possessive s is added to a noun or name ending in a consonant other than s. "vaders jas" (father's coat)

  • A possessive apostrophe is added to a noun or name already ending in an s. "Dries' jas" (Dries's coat)

June 16, 2019


Can I say "De meisjes zijn lezen ..." ? from english " are reading"

March 27, 2015


I'm pretty sure each -en verb acts as "are ___ing" so no, I don't think so

May 2, 2015


You can use a "continuous" form which requires "zijn + aan het + infinitive". Which would make: "De meisjes zijn de menu's aan het lezen".

Note that his is only used to emphasise that it is happening at this moment.

May 2, 2015


The app responds that the answer "the girls are reading the menu" is wrong and it should be "the girls read the menu", but it can be both, actually! Change it, please _

February 1, 2019


Did you report it as also correct? This is just a discussion here.

February 2, 2019
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