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Dear Sirs, I use the mobile versions of duolingo all the time. They are great, both ipad and android versions. I really thnk you did a great job. Only one thing makes me mad. I am deeply frastrated by the fact that I can not comment while excersizing.... If for some reason your translation is incorrect, i can not tell you you are wrong. I can not ofer you my translation, the way I can using the desktop version. It's bad for me, because I loose points for vain, very bad for you becase you do not get better. You stay with the same mistakes. I cannot use the desktop version when I'm mobile. Please add this feature to your mobile versions. Sincerely yours, Eyal

July 30, 2013



Hi eyalrt- great feedback. For now, you have to shoot us a support email from the app to report feedback. We'll be integrating that feature soon. Thanks for understanding. Lots of exciting updates across the board soon.


Yesssssss.... that would be so very helpful!


Oh yes ! The frustration got so bad for me, I (almost) don't use the mobile app any more. Sending a support email while you're in the middle of an exercise is not really an option, especially since you would have to type (again) the good AND the bad translations to make it meaningful.

Another thing I really miss on the mobile app is a way to see if I have already progressed today in a particular language (like the 'weekly progress' on the desktop version)

Apart from that, I love the app :-) I can't wait to see all those exciting updates.

Keep up the good works, guys (and gals) ;-)


I take a screen shot and paste it in the email. A cumbersome and time consuming solution. However it would appear that these problems will all vanish in the next update.

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