"De betalar per månad."

Translation:They pay per month.

January 17, 2015

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Spontaneously I would have written, "they pay by the month." Anybody else?


"They pay by the month," was accepted for me.


If you tried it and it wasn't accepted you can report it and Anrui or Arnauti can have a look.


I didn't... I was afraid I'd get it wrong since "the month" would literally be "månaden," so I wrote "they pay by month." I suppose you agree with me then, that it's quite normal to say "by the month?"


Oh, I'm Swedish so you know that much better than I do :).


My first thought was "they pay monthly". I agree that "they pay by the month" makes sense too. I put "they pay per month" which doesn't really work in English. But you could totally say "they pay 400SEK per month"


They pay each month? No? Or every month? Or must we stick to literal translations? Real language doesn't work that way, it needs flexibility.


monthly, by month and by the month, as suggested by the above commenters, are now accepted.
I think maybe every month and each month are a little too far from the original here, that would be de betalar varje månad instead.


Well that's an easy word.


Pronunciation says manen


English loan word?


If you're talking about per, it's Latin.


No. månad and month share a common origin though.


the sound says "dom" but the correct answer says "de". to justify my correction i am half swedish (but my swedish int really that good) so i do have a little knowledge. I do not mean to criticise, just to help. I notice that there are several of times this happens.


Both the words de and dem ('they' and 'them') are normally pronounced as though they were written dom.
It's ok to spell them that way too, but it's more common to write de or dem, and using dom is a little more informal. The thing is though, that in dictation exercises, there's a bug with Duo that makes it unable to accept any kind of spelling variation. So when translating from English into Swedish, dom is usually an accepted answer (unless we've forgotten to add it), but for the dictation exercises, only de (in this case) works.


thank you for your help!


Thanks for your contribution too.

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