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Sound is way too muddled for language learning

Great site, but I have a pretty decent speaker and audio card, and the recordings are often muddled, so I think you need to record at a higher bit rate.. I mean really, how much does disk space cost these days? Since you are leveraging my enthusiasm for learning a language in order to translate for profit, you can at least level up the sound recordings. I see I am not the only one who is frustrated by this. Any news on when you will respond to this issue? I'm sure you've heard it before. Thank you very much, Al

January 17, 2015



Italian used to be one of the worst but now after a complete overhaul it is one of the best.


I agree. The Italian one is very good and accurate most of the times compared to the English


I haven't taken a backwards course so I wouldn't know :(


There is also bandwidth to consider not everyone has unlimited bandwidth


That's a good thought.. but we could have a choice.. just like when streaming movies.. HD or low bandwidth version.


I can't speak for the Italian course itself, but all of the courses other than Irish use Text-To-Speech software (I think all third party so disk space isn't the issue, but I'm not 100% sure). I had heard the Italian one used to be bad but I was under the impression they had changed it for everyone now.

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