Lingots for completing a lesson without a mistake

To begin, I love the new "heartless" system on Duolingo. I think my learning is much more effective this way. However, I see one, and only one, very slight drawback to this new method: we no longer receive a Lingot for completing a lesson without errors.

This website/ app is full of so many eager learners, kindhearted, selfless, dedicated helpers, and people that can make you laugh and smile every day. I love being able to share a bit of extra love when a simple upvote isn't enough, or giving a new user a bit of help with buying a bonus skill or a test.

The longer you are here, the easier it is to get Lingots. The rate at which I'm gaining Lingots isn't high enough to keep up with the thanks I want to give and the gratitude I owe. I'm not the only person who has been here a while that has given away all of their Lingots.

If we could get Lingots for completing lessons without making a mistake, that would be lovely. It would be wonderful if we could have a bit of extra love to share.

January 17, 2015


Very well said. I agree completely. Plus, on a more selfish note, it was nice getting little reward for completing a lesson perfectly, and while I admit it is hard to explain why, that little lingot was pretty motivating.

January 17, 2015

Miaomiao, here is why:

Hahaha! I am laughing so hard over here!! XD

I agree. I gave away over a hundred of them last week for helpful/fun comments and I'm gonna miss no longer being able to make it rain since I can't earn them as fast anymore! :)

I've had to leave Lingot IOUs.

hahhaahaha. :) wait, you have the biggest streak i've ever seen! 8-o you must have seen a lot around here ol' timer! ;)

Keto, the app version of Duo still supports this behavior. If you have a Kindle, smartphone or other similar device, you can still earn lingots the old way.

I also might suggest restarting a tree, trying a new tree, or even making another account to work on a tree from scratch and thus getting 2 lingots per every skill completed. Keep in mind that if you choose option A (restarting a tree), you must delete all progress in that language, and all that will be left of the language on your profile is the Translation Tier level. Most people are not willing to do this, so perhaps it would be best to go with one of the other options.

As my grandpa always used to say - "Always keep a lingot in your pocket, and you can never go broke."

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, and maybe surprisingly, I don't have any devices like that. I only use Duolingo on my laptop. I might give resetting a tree a try.

Edit: Thank you, EngimaticTiger/ mysterious Lingot donor.

Yes, but you have come so far in all of your languages! Unless you are a monk and practice "letting go" on a regular basis, it can be quite painful to give up those high numbers you have earned for yourself.

Attachments give pleasure and cause pain, simultaneously.

Attachments give no pleasure; holding on to something only gives us pain in the end. There's nothing we can hold on to forever. We have to let everything go eventually. Those are my thoughts, anyways.

I wonder whether an emulator would work to run the smartphone version of Duo on a computer?

That sounds interesting, I may have to take a look into that. Thank you!

If you figure something out, I'd love to see a post about it!

I agree. I also miss being able to get above 10 xp when you still had hearts left. Nice streak by the way!

This was great to read! I agree with what you have written! (:

I've been hoarding mine so I'm not feeling the impact too badly, but I totally agree. We went from getting up to three lingots per lesson to getting none. They're much harder to get now.

I still get a steady supply every 10 days from my streak, but it goes so quickly.

I do the wager and pick up 5 per week, too.

The return of the lingots for a perfect lesson would be nice.

However, I do think the new system is far less frustrating than the hearts system, especially for the more difficult lessons.

It's nice knowing that when you start a lesson, you're going to finish. That beats the feeling one gets in the hearts system when choking on something minor on the last question and being forced to start over.

The old system, although it was harder to complete a lesson, it also made sure you had fuller understanding of a topic, in addition to often giving you a lingot. Now it is much harder to earn lingots. I personally prefer the old, heart system. You could better understand a topic, and possibly get a lingot for your effort.

That is a very fair argument.

One problem that I had with the old system is that when I was first going through the Portuguese course (a while ago), it was still in beta. Some lessons in particular were very difficult to complete, even if you understood the content, because only a very specific set of sentences were accepted. I felt that I had to memorize the accepted answers to questions rather than learn the material.

With some of the more difficult lessons, I feel that I have to go through the lesson at least two or three times before I understand everything and I'm ready to complete it. With the old system, I would have to go as far as I could in lesson before failing a few times, and then complete it.

With the new system, if I make a mistake, I learn, and I'm only pushed back a step, instead of having to restart again. I can be the judge of if I need to retake a lesson again based on how many attempted questions it took for me to complete it.

I agree completely.

On a related topic, can someone tell me what do those mysterious numbers mean when you finish a lesson?

No, not XPs. I went away for about a month, and when I came back, the hearts were gone, the bonus lingots were gone, and now, when you finish a lesson and the heavenly duo-trumpets blast, a number appears at the end of the completion bar. It's usually between 15 or 23 or so.

Oh, I know what you are talking about! That number represents how many questions it took you to complete that particular lesson. I don't know if I've ever gotten through in just 15 questions, but there have been a couple times that I went over 40! XD

Why do you suppose they are telling us this now? It is small compensation for not getting lingots. :( Is it worthwhile information in any way, other than what we already know - that we made a lot or only a few errors?

I think it is worthwhile feedback to have. If it takes you over 30 questions to pass a lesson, you should probably retake it a couple times.

I used to get lingots a lot for completing lessons when I first started Duoing, on the app version with my Kindle. Then, using my computer I found the site. Now I stick mainly with timed lessons, and I post a lot on the forums. People will often give out lingots if you contribute to the discussions in some way. It is best not to ask for lingots directly, however. If you create a post where you can share something related to language learning, ask a question or have an entertaining story to tell, you will often be rewarded with lingots.

My favorite thing to do is make discussions where I get people to compete for a lingot prize. I have a great one running right now, here's the link:$comment_id=6490360

Thanks for clearing that up. I've been whipping through easy lessons since I came back. :)

I think you might be talking about how many questions it took to complete the lesson.

Yes, could be. Are we now given that information?

Yes. I don't know about mobile versions, but on the website, you can see how many questions it took you to complete a lesson (17, or sometimes 16, if you make no mistakes). Although it's a bit difficult to see, you can also see how many questions you have attempted while doing the lesson:


In the above image, I've answered two questions in the lesson so far.

That's it exactly. Thanks.

I still get lingots when I play on my phone.

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