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  5. "That will be just right!"

"That will be just right!"

Translation:Det blir lagom!

January 17, 2015



Why's "Det ska vara lagom" wrong?


You have to be careful with ska! It does not mean "will" as one might guess. It entails more than that and shows much more intention and decisiveness.

We usually use the present tense to talk about the future. "Det ska vara lagom" sort of feels like your forcing someone to accept that it should be "just right".


I put 'det ska bli lagom' and it was accepted. Are you saying it shouldn't have been because I used 'ska' ?


That's sort of borderline. It's pretty clear that ska vara would mean it's supposed to be or it should be in English. Since with bli, there's at least a change of state, it's conceivable that it might work. It could be a promise: I promise that it will be the right amount. This meaning doesn't work with vara because I can't control what is "enough" – I can't change the level required for something to be enough, but maybe I can control the amount of something, so I can make it "be" enough in the sense make it "become" enough (i.e. increase or decrease the amount until it's enough). In many cases, the difference between being and becoming is more important in Swedish than in English.

tl;dr; yes and no, there's a narrow sense where that might work but it's not what this sentence is most likely to mean.


"Det ska vara lagom" would translate into "It should be just right"

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I'm confused about when/in what cases 'blir' can be used for future tense.


The normal way of talking about the future in Swedish is actually to use the present tense.


Det blir bra det.. brukar man säga. Eller?


Ja, det kan man också säga!


Lagom should NOT be pronounced La Goom, as the computer does when I click on the word.

Forvo (pernys32, tomo and pompom) is correct: https://forvo.com/word/lagom/#sv


Can we use "lagom" for food, for instance "köttet är lagom" ?


Certainly, but it requires context so the listener understands in what way the food is lagom.


Can we write ''Det här blir lagom'' ?


No, since det här always means "this", never "that".


What about "Det ska / blir räcker"?


I'm afraid neither is really close.


Ok, but why then? Isn't "Det räcker" equal to "it's enough"? (I've learnt it on memrise)


That's correct, but it's in the sense of "no more than that", whereas lagom is more like "just the perfect amount". In a sense, "enough" describes a constraint, and lagom an interval.

Also, ska is a modal so it'd be det ska räcka, and bli doesn't take verbs so that construction wouldn't work for that reason either.


Lagom does not mean just right.

Lagom to the best of my knowledge means something in line of “within the acceptable range“ Or perhaps it means "moderately“ or “everything considered“.

That is not the same as just or precisely.


"just right" is definitely a standard translation and usually a good one.


Hi devalanteriel. Thanks for your many good comments on Swedish. With respect to -lagom- I was wondering whether the word is connected with -lag-, so -lagom - would be something like -meets the rule-, just right. Perhaps for Swedish speakers this is obvious or perhaps not as one usually does not think much about one's mother tongue. To me -lagom- was such a weird word needing this kind of explanation, if it is an explanation.


Yes, that's correct. Swedish used to have dative forms a very long time ago, and Old Swedish had the dative laghum to mean roughly "as befits the law". Over time, this turned into just "as befits", and today we have the modern meaning of "just right".


That was very quick! Thanks a lot Devalanteriel. It is nice to guess right.


Shouldn't it be "den där"? Det/den = it. Den där = that

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