please split up the verb lessons

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I normally proceed quite steadily through the tree, I revise a lot, then learn one or two new sub-lessons. But the recent verb lesson (verb present 2) nearly drove me crazy. 48 verbs, in all their glorious conjugations, one after another after another. It just made my brain overflow. It's not that hard with nouns, or pronouns, since they have fewer forms, but they still come in smaller bundles.

So please, can't you work the verbs into the other lessons, maybe one or two with a themed noun lesson instead of just unloading them in front of me, so I can add them into my memory one at a time and use them without redoing the same lesson over and over and over until I have all 48 verbs in all their forms memorized?

5 years ago

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Having just finished that category myself, I agree it's a lot to take on. I know that I'm not going to move onto either of the following categories until I've tested myself again and again on just that one category.

However, I wouldn't particularly want to see the section broken up - personally, I like the way the structure works.

5 years ago
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