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"Cuireann an buachaill an t-im ar ais."

Translation:The boy puts the butter back.

January 17, 2015



Why is butter "t-im" and not "im"?


Masculine nouns that start with a vowel get a t- prefix after an in the nominative case.

an t-aerfort, an t-ealaíontóir, an t-im, an t-óstán, an t-uisce

Feminine nouns that start with a vowel don't get a t-prefix.

an aeráid, an eilifint, an inchinn, an obair, an ubh.


If you put an before im, it becomes t-im


Pronunciation of "t im " is very misleading


No, it isn't. It might be unfamiliar to you, but that is the normal pronunciation of im in Munster and Connacht.


Why is "The boy puts the butter away." incorrect.


Because he doesn't put it awa y, he returns it to where he got it.


I'm very tired and can barely think straight in English, let alone Irish. Even still, why was i so convinced this was supposed to be "the boy puts butter on his back " haha


ar a dhroim - "on his back". droim is a noun.

ar ais is the adverb "back" as in "return", but siar is also an adverb for a different meaning of "back" - luigh sé siar - "he laid back"


Interesting; thank you! My sleepy self should not have been trying to learn things haha

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