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  5. "He is also a pilot."

"He is also a pilot."

Translation:Han är också pilot.

January 17, 2015



why is the article "a" not used as in "Han är också en pilot"? I guess it is understood


We simply don't use articles with professions.


Why is även not accepted?


It isn't the exact same meaning I think, but I would really like to know.


can i say: han ar pilot ocksa?


It is a possible sentence, but, at least to me, the meaning is different.
Han är också pilot (here we have two guys who both are pilots).
Han är pilot också (here we have one guy with two professions).


i see. that is interesting! thanks for explaining : )


But from the English example given, how would you know which was which, as the meaning would work in English for both scenarios. It's only if you know the context that you'd know which applied. That is also an apple- There are 2 apples. That is also an apple- It is a fruit, and also an apple. I admit that this is a bit of a random one, but just illustrating that without the context, it's hard to know which way to approach it.

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