"Hanno zero nuovi posti di lavoro."

Translation:They have zero new job openings.

July 30, 2013



UK users need "vacancies" as an answer here, please. I've never used the term "job openings", only "job vacancies". you might have "an opening for someone" but not with the word "job" directly.

September 14, 2013


Just how I translated it and now I'm out of hearts. They really need to study modern English usage.

November 4, 2013


If there is zero new job(s), how could it be plural ? I am not an English native speaker but according to me it looks logical.

July 30, 2013


I suppose there's no logical choice, but English speakers use the plural.

July 30, 2013


The logic is likely to only use the singular if there is only one of something. All other numbers use the plural, zero included.

August 3, 2013


The term "positions" is equivalent to "job openings".

November 12, 2013


"They have zero new job openings. We don't say this - it would be "no new jobs"

December 10, 2013
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