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  5. "Neem jij de gele?"

"Neem jij de gele?"

Translation:Are you taking the yellow one?

January 17, 2015



I'm certain that "are you taking the yellow" is a sentence that makes sense - you do not need to say "the yellow ONE" to mean the same thing


I agree. I have no need for including "one". It should be an alternative answer.


"Excuse me, I'll be back, I've got to go and take the yellow"


Agreed. However, I would probably say "the yellow one" in most cases. If there were a bunch of tubes of paint, then I might say only, "Are you taking the yellow." Also, I never know if Duo is giving me sentence fragments or not. In some of the courses, sentences can sometimes be incomplete.


the correct answer does not sound right in english... No one ever says do you take something... its always do you want something. When someone uses take in place of want that is one of the first signs that they are not a native english speaker....


The English sounds fine to me. "Which one are you taking?" "I'll have the yellow one." "I want the yellow one." "I'm (definitely) taking the yellow one!" "I'm taking the yellow one... (you can have the red one)."


"Take" and "want" are different words. You can take something you don't want. You can want something you don't take.

Which bus are you taking?

I'm taking the yellow one.


But the Dutch sentence is not about willen (to want) but about nemen (to take). I know these can be roughly the same, say in a restaurant setting. But this doesn't have to be the case, e.g. you own two cars and you're asking your partner which car he/she will take today, I don't see anything wrong with using to take in that kind of context.


I agree with 'are you taking' that I have no issue with, but 'do you take the yellow one' I just don't think that is correct, yet it is a correct answer... maybe I'm a bit special in the head lol


I admit it's not a sentence you'd use every day, but it's still fine if you're talking about repeated activities. "I take the red bus to work. Do you take the yellow one?"


How would you say "Are you taking the yellow ones?" Is the plural different?


Can anyone answer this?


Why isn't "you take the yellow?" a valid (and literal) translation? Like on game of thrones where one would "take the black". A color can always be a nominalized adjective in English.


Whether it is "the yellow" or "the yellow one", I don't believe it should ever be " the yellow 1" as it claimed to be.


The plural "the yellow ones" should also be translated as "de gele"


why "neem" and not "neemt"?


In a question there is an inversion, and the -t Is omitted: jij neemt, but: neem jij


"Jij" and "je", "Wij" and "we", etc. sound almost identical and because they mean the same there's no context to help distinguish them. I really don't think that a sentence should be marked wrong if that's the only thing different.


Does this mean, "Are you getting the yellow one?" For example, there are several shirts in different colors, and you decide to purchase the yellow one.

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