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Mobile App Login Issue

I can't seem to log on into my account using my iPhone. It states that user name and password are not correct. I've used the same password and username on my laptop and it works. How do I resolve this issue?

November 14, 2012



I have the same problem. I can log in to the web page and the app on an iPad using the same login credentials, but on the iPhone it says 'wrong username or password'. I have tried removing and re-installing the app, resetting the password, creating a new ID and password, and switching the iPhone off and on. No joy.


Same here. If I change the password, then it works again for some time, but once I'm disconnected from the app, I cannot login again and I have to use my laptop to change the password once again. Very annoying...


I am having the same problem. I have tried everything, uninstall, redownloading, set new passwords... I am emailed them but have not got a response yet. I have the iPhone 4S. If anyone has any solutions, please share.


I have the same issue, since yesterday Thursday Nov. 30,2017 I have not been able to login onto duolingo through my iPhone 5S. It says that my email and password is not correct. And now I can't even reset the password because it has locked in a brand new account and I am not losing and re-doing all those lessons again. Where do you logout on the app there is no way to login and logout manually on the app?

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