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Swedish movies?

Watching movies is a great way to hear a language spoken by real people in real (and not so real ;)) situations.

Are there any Swedish movies you could recommend?

January 17, 2015



Not a movie, but there's a Swedish series called äkta människor I heartily recommend.


I have also watched it, I thought watching a series would be good for learning but this show is actually good! So I watched it mostly for fun because I enjoyed it... but you definitely get some daily expressions and get accustomed to the sounds and melody.

I guess you have to find a dumb/boring show to concentrate on the language ;)


I checked it out on Wikipedia and it seems really interesting!

Will definitely check this one out.


Hey :) I think Swedish movies are among the best in the world; definitely worth watching! Landsend mentioned a lot off good ones in his comment; on't hesitate to watch them. Here's my answer on a previous topic, kindly recommend those too https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6139571. Hope you like :)


I really enjoyed watching Män som hatar kvinnor, Flickan som lekte med elden, and Luftslottet som sprängdes. They're gripping action/dramas with excellent acting, and they follow the books they're based on very well (The Millennium Series). You'll hear many accents in many different settings from romance to interrogation.


Thank you. I like your comment about the accents.

I'm such a beginner that I have no feeling for those at all, but it would be nice to pay attention to it.



You should go for the timeless Astrid Lindgren series: There are the movies, of course (my favorite is "Brödarna Leijonhjärta"), but actually I like most the TV-series "Vi på Saltkråkan" which tells extremely well about life in the 60-ies. These can also be had as CD:s for listening, both as voicing as well as the music scores, some nice songs (Mio min Mio ...).

Another favorite of mine is the detective stories: Beck, where everyone in Sweden would know about the "neighbour", who appears only one or two minutes in every show, but has some crazy one-liners.

Also in Finland popular were the series "Solsidan" as well.


I quite like Kopps but the humour is not everybody's cup of tea. I haven't seen Jalla Jalla by the same director. Arn -Tempelriddaren hit me too, a (pseudo) historical knight's tale. Låt den rätte komma in was interesting, not the typical vampire movie. Oh, and I watched Ronja Rövardotter and Pippi Långstrump when I was young and I liked them then, Ronja even better. I recently read an interview with Inger Nilsson, the actress playing Pippi. She looks still the same, just older. And Hanna Zetterberg (Ronja) was member of the Swedish Parliament for some time.

I saw En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron in the cinema a few days ago. Strange. Really strange. If you are in a ... strange (sorry, that's still the best word) mood you could watch it.

I didn't like the Stieg Larssen based movies (Millennium trilogy, Män som hatar kvinnor etc.) The landscapes and settings were nice though. I haven't seen the US remakes but heard only that they are superfluous for artistic reasons and exist just for economic reasons (US audience doesn't accept dubbed movies for weird reasons). Ingmar Bergman's movies are not for me too.


I was looking forward to hearing from people here. As they are more likely to have used movies to study languages, instead of just watching it for fun.


Actually during my extensive experience the best way to learn language is a comic, like "Kalle Anka" or "Lucky Luke" or whatever. You understand the story from the pictures and learn the words on the side.


I like Asterix a lot, so I'l try to find it in Swedish. Thank you


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