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"Which one do you want? Neither."

Translation:Vilken vill du ha? Ingendera.

January 17, 2015



Why is Vilket not acceptable to use in this sentence?


It is accepted, but then you have to say ingetdera too.


Not accepted today


Today it accepted "Vilket vill du ha? Ingetdera". And I see that "ettdera" is the neuter form of "endera".


ingendera Vs varken?


ingendera basically means 'neither one'. It can be used on its own or with the preposition av. Ingendera av dem var hemma 'Neither of them was at home'
varken is always used together with eller – varken X eller Y 'neither X nor Y'


Thanks. I'd completed forgotten about this word to be honest. I'd thought that heller inte/inte heller was the usual convention for such instances, but I think I'll road test ingendera this week :)


It's been almost a year since your question, but I figured better late than never :D

inte … heller would be not … either so it's not quite the same, but it could often replace ingendera. Not in this case though, unless you want to make the sentence much longer.


Ah I see. Could ingendera be used here then?

  • Jag tycker inte om hundar

  • Inte jag heller


No, doesn't work.



– Vilken (bil) vill du ha? – Ingendera.

– Vilket (paraply) vill du ha? – Ingetdera.

– Vilka (byxor) vill du ha? – Ingadera.

Is that how it works? Or is the last one too far-fetched?


Ingadera is not a word, apparently. Since plural is already implied by choice, I’m guessing for byxor one would use the utrum form ingendera - ?


Is heller instead of ingendera correct?


No, heller can only be used together with a negative, as in inte jag heller ("me neither").


does the order of "du" and "ha" matter in this example?


Ofcourse, I think it's like you say in English "which one want do have you " it doesn't make sense "I'm just new with swedish , but i think that what it is "


I didn't know there was such a word as ingetdera.


Kan man inte säga ingen istället för ingendera? Eller är det bara "talspråk"


För jag tror aldrig att jag har hört någon säga ingendera i vardagligt tal?


Det är bra att folk lär sig "ingendera" och hur det används, därför är det med här. Personligen är det ett ord jag tycker absolut är levande, om än rätt formellt.


I know it's off topic but I can't properly understand what you've said even with a Swedish-English dictionary. Here's what I've gathered:
"It's good that people learn "ingendera" and how it works, therefore it's in here. Personally it's a word I absolutely think is alive(?), om än rätt formellt."
Sorry for the inconvenience but 1. why did you say alive and 2. what does om än rätt formellt mean?


No worries about inconvenience. You're here to learn!

  1. Tthe term levande is in this context a metaphor, meaning words that are actually used.

  2. It means something like "although quite formal".


Ahh tack! Det var inte så svårt!


Does one answer vill du ha with Jag ska ha or jag vill ha? Is Vilken ska du ha at all acceptable?


It is an acceptable sentence, but "vill ha" is a more direct translation, so I would recommend that one for Duolingo purposes.


If I am asking a person to choose among the items defined by both en- and ett- words what should I ask: "Vilken" or "Vilket"?


I wrote Vilken vill ha du? which felt wrong at the time, and of course it was marked wrong. But my brain can't figure out why it's wrong. Does anyone have any ideas?

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